Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Words of advice from Charlie Nutt, Executive Director of NACADA

Charlie Nutt, the NACADA Executive Director, is posting for us this week. Thanks Charlie!

Welcome to the 2010 Magical Annual NACADA Experience!

Ever since my very first NACADA Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in 1992 I have looked forward to each October for my annual NACADA Experience! Whether this is your first or your 34th conference, I know you are feeling the same excitement and anticipation that I am as we move closer to joining 3000+ members of the Global Community for Academic Advising in Orlando. It is a chance to see old friends, meet new friends, hear exciting and informative keynote speakers, learn new skills, explore exemplary practices and programs, network in commission meetings and region meetings, and get re-energized in our commitment to academic advising.

I would like to share a few suggestions on how you can get the most out of your NACADA Orlando Experience:

Come Prepared

  • Bring a large supply of business cards so that you can connect with new colleagues or presenters you want to contact later
  • Use the Interactive Schedule Planner to plan out your "conference experience" before leaving home
  • Visit NACADA’s blog, Twitter, and Facebook frequently to stay updated on the Annual Conference

Get Involved at the Conference

Workshops and concurrent sessions are only part of the NACADA Experience. In order to fully embrace NACADA at our best plan to:
  • Attend your region meetings or our gathering for international participants
  • Attend at least one commission or interest group meeting to network and get involved with colleagues with similar interests as you
  • Attend the Common Reading event to gain a perspective on the value of research and analysis in the field of academic advising
  • Attend the NACADA Town Hall meeting to gain perspective of our association and get involved
  • Make dinner plans or Disney Park plans each night with at least one new NACADA colleague

Continue the NACADA Experience after Orlando

  • Send a summary of your experience and a plan for how you can implement what you learned to your immediate supervisor - thanking them for the opportunity to attend
  • Prepare a summary of the key workshops, sessions, or keynote addresses you found specifically applicable to your institution or program and share them with your colleagues on campus who were unable to attend
  • Be sure to connect with new colleagues you met to continue expanding your professional connections in the Global Community of Academic Advising!
  • Begin planning to take advantage of the 2011 Annual NACADA Experience in Denver next October
I look forward to seeing you all in Orlando!


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